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Post Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching

For teachers to be able to create an effective environment for children to learn, they need to be leaders of learning themselves. Teachers need to continuously grow and evolve in order to help their students develop. Unfortunately, our existing education system has limited our capacity to be lifelong learners and in many ways dulled our spirit of inquiry; curiosity and inquisitiveness.

To develop competent and effective teachers, compelling changes need to be made in the teacher education programmes of our country. We feel that once teachers see themselves as learners and understand the importance of letting this natural capacity flourish, they will consciously create the same space for children in the classrooms.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Learning & Teaching (PGDLT) is a full time intensive, innovative, practice-based programme. Offered both in Delhi and Mumbai, the course begins in June and ends in March respectively. The concept of Post Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching (PGDLT) is rooted in five mutually reinforcing initiatives that support teacher growth and development. These are:

Core Features of PGDLT


A mindful outlook on education: being conscious of what we are doing, feeling and thinking and relating to people and practices.


A conscious attempt at helping student teachers make strong connections between theory and practice to build a reflective disposition.


An experiential model of learning rooted in practice that builds on students’ experiences and connections in real classroom situations.


Extensive support to student teachers through cognitive coaching and mentoring by experienced practicing teachers and teacher educators in the field.

These principles form the basis of the programme, that aims to help novice teachers understand how effective practice can be a powerful agent for change. In turn, the program provides teachers with the means to lead and make education transformational – for each and everyone involved.

This diploma is offered by ‘I am a Teacher’ and is not affiliated with any board or Indian University. We have no affiliation with the National Council for Teacher Education. This qualification is not recognized by Government or Government aided schools as basic teaching qualification. This programme is suitable for upgrading professional skills of existing B.Eds/ B.El.Eds as well as for graduates interested in entering education. We will help place our students in private schools and other institutions that support progressive practice.

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Current Teaching practices in India

The IAAT Advantage

  • Learn with experienced faculty, who are academicians & practitioners from Universities such as Harvard, Columbia, JNU, Cambridge, University of Texas and TISS
  • Become an expert at designing and delivering 21st century curriculum, effectively facilitate classrooms with diverse learners and create strong learning communities
  • Gain valuable teaching experience at one of our collaborating schools - ASB, HXLS, Ascend & NEXT School
  • Specialize in designing and delivering 21st century curriculum.
  • Develop as a mindful educator who appreciates diversity in learners and creates strong learning community in classrooms.
  • Get full support in transitioning into becoming an educator through our placement services.
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The Journey of Personal Transformation

  • Self Awareness: The journey begins by making Resident Teachers tune inwards and connect with their inner self. They deeply introspect their notions about themselves, people, education and purpose of their life.
  • Development of Knowledge & skills: A combination of real classroom experience along with connections made to the existing body of knowledge helps acquire the required concepts and skills.
  • Constructing personal theory of education: A process of experimenting within their classrooms and learning from successes and failures helps them evolve their own theory of teaching and learning.
  • Building a repertoire of effective Practices: With a deeper and stronger understanding, a natural expansion of innovative and meaningful ideas occurs, enabling teachers to be sensitive to the needs of learners.

The rigorous and intensive nature of the programme focuses on building capacities of reflective thinking and collaborative learning in the Resident Teachers (Student Teachers). The conceptualization of a ‘Residency-based model’ comes from the need to have teachers whose learning is deeply rooted in classroom experiences. Knowledge, skills and dispositions are a result of seamless integration of theory and practice. Knowledge, skills and dispositions are a result of seamless integration of theory and practice.

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With a mission to create a collaborative community of teachers dedicated to transforming the lives of children one classroom at a time, IAAT conducts a robust placement event every year. Every graduating batch of teachers is sought-after, receiving multiple job offers, from many prestigious schools and educational institutions. We can proudly say that we have achieved 100% placement with all our batches.

Seth M.r. Jaipuria Schools

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Singapore International

Shiv Nadar Schools


Azim Premji Foundation

Polymath International

The Next School

Nahar International


Kaivalya Education Foundation

The Shri Ram Schools

Jodo Gyan

Heritage Xperiential Learning Schools

Central Square Foundation

BD Somani

Ascend International

American School of Bombay

Pathways Group of Schools

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘I am a Teacher’?

'I am a Teacher’, is a not-for-profit organization, founded by Harvard University Alumni that aims to build an alternate and a practice based model for teacher education. This model has the potential to transform and reinvent teacher education in the country and thus reform school education.

IAAT functions out two centers -

The Heritage Xperiential Learning Schools Sector 62, Gurgaon American School of Bombay Kurla West, Mumbai

Where is your faculty from?

IAAT faculty and mentors are highly competent and experienced practitioners and theorists from some of the leading universities such as Harvard, Cambridge, IIT, TISS, University of Michigan, University of Texas, Columbia University and JNU. They bring to the table work experience from the World Bank, NCERT, Azim Premji Foundation, Teach for India to name a few. We also have international visiting faculty who routinely conduct intensive sessions, workshops and webinars with our students.

What are the eligibility criteria to apply to PGDLT?

The minimum requirement to apply for the PGDLT program is a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline. Undergraduate students appearing for their final examinations are also eligible to apply. If selected, provisional admission is offered subject to successful graduation. There is no limitation on age or gender for enrollment.

How do I apply to PGDLT?

Click on this link Apply

A complete application to the PGDLT program consists of the following:

Register and submit your application online or you may download the form from the website, take a print-out and submit it in person at our center.

When is the last day of submission of application?

We follow a rolling admissions process. This is a tentative calendar of scheduled information sessions, application & selection day deadlines for both Mumbai and Delhi

Broadly, the 2 centers follow the schedule below -

Delhi Center - September to march Mumbai Center - October to April

Information sessions are held periodically, and anyone that wishes to sign-up to the Program must attend one.

Do you have a selection process?

Yes, we have a selection process. Once an application is received, an initial screening is done to determine if the person many be called in on a selection day. A multi-step process is followed and short-listed candidates must come to the center on the specified date and plan on spending between 2 to 3 hours.

The selection process is conducted to ensure fitment and readiness to succeed in the program. and consists of an aptitude test, interview and other interactions.

What is the duration of the programme?

The PGDLT is a one-year, full time programme. Mumbai and Delhi follow slightly schedules since they need to be mapped to the academic calendar of the residency schools.

Delhi - June to March Mumbai - July to April

What is the program fees?

For the Academic year 2020 - 21, the program fees at Delhi, (including taxes) is Rs. 2,36,000 (Rupees Two Lakh Thirty Six Thousand Only). This amount does not include the cost of any field trips, retreats, or other activities that may occur during the course.

*The fee may be paid in installments as under -

Description Amount Due
Numerals Words
Registration Fee Rs. 30,000/- (Rupees Thirty Thousand Only) Upon Selection
Admission Fee Rs. 51,500/- (Rupees Fifty one thousand five hundred Only) Mar 15 ‘20
1st Tuition Fee Rs. 51,500/- (Rupees Fifty one thousand five hundred Only) June 15 ‘20
2nd Tuition Fee Rs. 51,500/- (Rupees Fifty one thousand five hundred Only) Sep 15 ‘20
3rd Tuition Fee Rs. 51,500/- (Rupees Fifty one thousand five hundred Only) Dec 15 ‘20

*All amounts are non-refundable.

Delhi:, +91-9810236412

Mumbai: , +91 8291077751

Do you offer financial aid?

Financial aid and full-scholarships are offered to a limited number of students every year on a strictly need basis. Candidates seeking assistance may apply for aid by submitting the supporting documents. The documents required for consideration are -

The Financial Aid application comprises of:

All applications are reviewed by a panel of 2 IAAT faculty and the decision communicated to the candidate. Upon perusal of the Financial Aid application (further documentation may be asked for if required). If offered financial aid, candidates will be given a specified amount of time within which to accept or reject it.

Where are the classes held and what are the timings?

Theory Classes are held at -

Practice classes are held at -

Classes are held on all five days with one or two Saturdays working in a month

Day Description Timing City Location
Tuesday,Wednesday & Thursday Practice 8am to 3:10pm Gurgaon
North Delhi
Kurla & BKC, Mumbai
BKC, Mumbai
Mulund, Mumbai
Heritage Xperiential Learning School
The Heritage School, Rohini
The American School of Bombay
The Ascend International
The Next International
Monday & Friday Theory Classes 8am to 4:30pm Gurgaon
Kurla, Mumbai
Heritage Xperiential Learning School
The American School of Bombay
Saturday Enrichment Modules 8am to 1:30pm Gurgaon
Kurla, Mumbai
Heritage Xperiential Learning School
The American School of Bombay

What are the prospects after completion of the course?

IAAT has recorded 100% placements with every batch of the PGDLT. They have been placed in leading schools and educational organisations across the nation. A Placement event is organised in both cities and assistance on placements is provided to all Residents.

Is child-care available?

Yes, there is a crèche and day-care facilities are available at a certain added cost.

Do you have any collaborations or partnerships?

Yes, we have partnered with many organisations and individuals, including the Government for various reasons -

Academic & Thought Partners -

Boston Teacher Residency USA

Jodo Gyan

National Council for Teacher Residency

Center Partners -

The Heritage Xperiential learning School

American School of Bombay

Residency Partners -

The Heritage Xperiential learning School

The Heritage School

American School of Bombay

Ascend International

Next International

CSR Partners -

Tech Mahindra Foundation

NC Jain Foundation

Aakash Educational Services

Portfolio is a record of the learning and presents the journey of our student teachers. It is their reflection about the professional and personal growth through the program. It is a collection of teacher’s work such as courses taken, practices observed, sample lesson plans, assignments, philosophy of teaching and learning and approaches to teaching. It showcases the work and the professional development path in an organised fashion. Some portfolios of our beginning teachers are shared here.

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