I listen… To the wind
To the words said or unsaid
To the laughter and cries
To the child in me
And the child outside
I have wings
I can fly
Fly to different worlds
Worlds that we together create
With our hearts and with our minds
I dance with you
I am with you, my child
And learn with you
I am joyous
I am me
I am a teacher

“To reform education in India by preparing a critical mass of teachers who are highly capable, passionate, reflective and lead change in and through classrooms.”

I Am A Teacher (IAAT) is a not-for-profit organization founded in the year 2014 with a purpose to build a relevant and rigorous practice-based model for teacher education in the country. The primary purpose of IAAT is to serve the education space by building a model of excellence in teacher education. The title ‘I Am A Teacher’ has been consciously coined to build a sense of pride within teachers about their profession and about their identity as a teacher.

The mission of IAAT is to prepare caring and confident teachers committed to becoming reflective practitioners and lifelong learners, proficient in the content and practice of the Discipline. They are able to work collaboratively with each other and have the courage to be leaders in the field of education and in society.

It is imperative that we prepare our teachers to build the new India of our dreams. If we want to effect any fundamental change in the education system, it has to begin at the level of the teachers. We envision school intervention and teacher preparation as one coherent whole and not two separate processes.

The IAAT Way

“We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.” - Dorothy Day

IAAT envisions education as a holistic process and all domains of learning have equal importance in the learning process. Our commitment is towards bringing high standards of quality and excellence into our work. The rigorous and intensive programme focuses on building capacities of reflective thinking and collaborative learning in the Resident Teachers (Student Teachers).

Our ideology stems from the commitment to fundamentally transform the ways in which teachers are prepared in India. We believe that the very system that prepares the teachers of the nation must change, and a teacher residency program has the potential to catalyze a system wide improvement in the quality of our teachers.

Principles of Change

  • Personal transformation leads to change at the institutional and systems level.
  • Competent and conscious teachers lead change within and through the classrooms.
  • Change is sustainable when it is driven from the inside.
  • Change is effective and powerful when multiple stakeholders are impacted.
  • Progressive model schools in the country need to be the ground for practice and learning for novice teachers.

Impacting Systems

This model can be replicated across several contexts in the country, be it progressive private schools, affordable private schools, government or public schools. The objective is to set up a working model in one context and enable setting up of residencies across the nation.

Reform teacher preparation and school system leading to improved student learning

Transform the entire ecosystem of schooling

Impact the existing teachers and leadership of the school

Place teachers in groups in diverse schools

Connect teachers to the socio-economic and cultural context of the community

Prepare teachers in child-centered schools and classrooms